Hi-tech Camera for under £100 – Not too Shabby

Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ1 Digital Camera

Available from Jessops for £99.95.

Panasonic have been making electronics since 1918 so you may expect their digital compact cameras to be pretty perfect for the modern snap-happy user by now.
As well as coming in a range of colours including blue, red, violet, silver and black, the Lumix DMC-SZ1 manages to cram in 16 megapixels and 10x zoom into a small and lightweight camera which fits snugly in your trouser pocket for taking pictures on the go.
Appearance aside, the camera also records HD quality movies through an auto-stabilising lens which is perfect for shooting movies freehand.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ1 Digital Camera What’s good:
• Powerful zoom – the lens has been manufactured by trusted optical designers Leica who have been crafting lenses since 1913. Fully extended, the Intelligent Zoom mode lens captures up to 20x images.
• High quality zoom – As well as being powerful, the zoom also sustains quality which is great for capturing a multitude of textures, gradual landscapes, sharp edges and vibrant colours.
• Stunning resolution – With strength of 16.1 megapixels on your side, the Lumix snaps images in amazing detail and records movies of HD quality.
• HD Function – Record 720p movies in MP4 format which are easily playable on various device including PCs, laptops, tablets and phones. There is a stand-alone button for recording videos instead of having to browse the whole menu too.
• Small and compact in size – This camera packs a lot of power and functionality into a very small frame.
• Lightweight – Ideal for keeping in your pocket or handbag without feeling like you’re carrying round a brick.
• Good value for money – Takes both landscape and close-up shots (up to 5cm away from object) with easy and confidence.
• Main features easily accessible – Even for those who are new to the digital camera, the menu and overall features are easy to navigate and the different shooting modes are fully automatic.
• Full panoramic mode – This is an added bonus which you might not expect from a camera of this size or price. The panoramic mode lets you take wide angle lens shots of scenery, groups of people or whatever you choose.
• Metal body – Hard-wearing against scratches and drops. Many digital cameras have a tendency to crack after being dropped by the user but the metal casing protects the Lumix from accidental damage.

What could be better:
• Red eye – unless you select the “Red-eye reduction” setting any people in your photos will have noticeably red eyes if you take a picture in the “Auto flash” setting.