Inventions I wish I came up with

Have you ever seen something and though “Why didn’t I think of that?”? Well this article is about just that. We all fancy ourselves as innovative product designers and inventors, identifying problems and hammering out ingenious solutions using latest technology, maths and belief. Below you can find some of the inventions I wish I had come up with.

Wind up radio

The windup radio was pioneered by Germany during the Second World War. The Germans developed a hand-crank 500 kHz radio which could be powered through turning the generator handle. When the crank handle was turned it produced a distress signal in Morse code. Two units were captured by the British in 1941, which helped them produce their own version of the unit, the Dinghy Transmitter T-1333. The second unit was handed to the United States military, who developed their own version, the SCR-578, and later the Gibson Girl.

Wind up radio

Wind up radio

Trevor Baylis is an English inventor who developed a wind-up radio after watching a television programme about the spread of the AIDS disease in Africa. The programme suggested that the best way to stunt the growth of the disease was through education. This was when Baylis began producing prototypes of his wind-up radio, made from a small transistor radio, an toy car electric motors and a clockwork mechanism from a music box. He soon patented the idea and tried to get the radio produced.

In 1997 Trevor Baylis was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his inventions, particularly because he stated he invented the device in direct response for the need for communication in Africa to give warnings and information about the spread of AIDS. Keeping the radio simple and affordable was a key consideration in ensuring that it helped to improve people’s lives. Many radios also incorporated torches in their design.


A pedometer is a portable, electronic device that counts the number of steps that you take. The device is usually fitted to a belt, and counts the number of steps taken by recording the motion of the wearer’s hips.

Originally worn by fitness freaks and fanatics, pedometers are now being worn by many normal people as they battle to lose a few pounds and get in shape. Health experts recommend taking around 10,000 steps each day. Some people will wear a pedometer all day to monitor their activities and ensure that they’re getting the right amount of exercise on a daily basis.

As everyone is a different size and walks differently, the user needs to calibrate the device before it can produce accurate results. It is possible that pedometers can wrongly record steps which were actually other types of movements, but they are still seen as a useful way of monitoring physical activity. Pedometers are now being incorporated into many portable consumer electronic devices.

Electronic cigarette

Have you seen anyone smoke in a bar recently? If you have then it was almost certainly an electric cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are electronic inhalers that vaporize a liquid solution into an aerosol mist that can be inhaled. Although e-cigs are no longer marketed as being aids for quitting smoking, many people have managed to kick the habit thanks to these devices.

I got the idea for this article when I was looking on Gizoo for gifts for my Dad and Brother. It’s a bonkers gadget shop with all kinds of useful and useless gadgets. I thought, ‘Who the hell comes up with all the ideas for these things!’

All things considered, I think if I had to have come up with any invention it’d be chocolate, or maybe penicillin – I can’t decide…